Miracle Combination

Planar + MEMS

Beauty of Planar Magnetic Driver

Beauty of MEMS Driver

Otowhahr combines benefits from both planar magnetic driver and MEMS technology to deliver Otowhar Beauty2 ā„¢ to TWS earbuds.

Let nature take its course: Planar will go farer.

shapes of driver differ:

dynamic driver produces sound wave in spheric shape which reaches ear in different time

planar driver produces sound in plat shape which reaches ear at the same time, better sound stage is maintained.

Otowahr planar driver creates better sound stage and image.

load distribution matters:

dynamic driver has point load in cross section view, only two points to move diaphragm which creates uneven movement

planar driver has distributed load which creats much more even movement, therefore better shape of sound wave results in better clarity


high Q and less mass generate wider bandwidth from mass-spring-damper model.Ā 

Otowhar planar speaker has higher Q in diaphragm and lighter weight in overall structure, that's exactly what good driver needs for better bass extension