Monolithic Planar-Magnetic MEMS 𝛍Speaker 

Microspeaker has been used in cell phone, headphone and hearing aid for years now. It is done via highly precision machinery no matter it is dynamic driver or armature driver. As miniaturization and quality requirement increases because in-ear headphone is gaining popularity and acceptance. Disruptive technology like MEMS provides a new alternative to traditional approach.

Simplified speaker structure of Dynamic Driver is depicted below

It consists of three major components -- Magnet, coil and Membrane. Dynamic Driver in general has better mid and low frequency than Balance Armature Driver. Membrane design will determine how much better it will be.

MEMS electromagnetic micro-speaker (basically dynamic driver in today’s term) has been in academic field more than a decade. Most of MEMS micro-speaker consists of an optimized silicon structure based on a very light but very stiff membrane. The electromagnetic motor is composed of a micro-assembly permanent ring magnet and of a deposit mobile planar coil fixed on the top of the silicon membrane. 

Otowahr eletromagnetic MEMS micro-speaker revolutionizes previous design via new breed of membrane material with unique arrangement between magnet and coil to improve sound quality and make form factor smaller. Membrane of Otowahr microspeaker provides better elasticity, therefore low frequency is preserved better. In addition, Its monolithic semiconductor design improves not only form factor but also precision which benefits speaker pairing & its manufacturability.

Carefullly architected by Otowahr engineering team, its speaker has another tailored design. Below is a typical planar speaker driver.

Planar driver has three flat layers in parallel with each other compared to cone driver

Otowahr electromagnetic MEMS micro-speaker acts exactly like planar magnetic loudspeakers which use a flat diaphragm to produce sound. However, instead of using an electrostatic charge like electro-static speaker to move the diaphragm, planar magnetic drivers use a magnetic field. Moreover it doesn't require extra power like typical planar magnetic driver which makes Otowahr MEMS micro-speaker unique.

Planar magnetic drivers are known for their ability to produce accurate, detailed sound with low distortion. They can reveal subtle nuances in music and reproduce complex sounds with clarity. Otowahr electromagnetic MEMS micro-speaker has same characteristics as planar magnetic drivers.

Planar magnetic loudspeakers offer several advantages over other types of loudspeakers:

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